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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy gold now?

  1. 1. Decide which method of ownership (IRA or Physical possession) is right for you
  2. 2. Contact American Gold Metals to complete the shipping insurance form and get bank wire and/ or IRA paperwork     instructions.
  3. 3. Arrange with your AGM account executive, the address to which you would like to have your gold/silver shipped (physical     possession only).

Why should I consider American Gold Metals?
There are three important reasons to consider American Gold Metals Inc. After acquiring your precious metals, we provide a follow-up service designed to keep you informed on economic and/or geopolitical events that could affect the gold or silver market. Keeping you informed in real time allows you to be proactive in your decisions.

Second: We are a member of NGC (Numismatic Guarantee Corporation), PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) and ANA (American Numismatic Association). We are also a company with decades of precious metals experience. We believe that integrity still matters and our record of service to our clients is a priceless commodity.

Finally by substantially reducing overhead costs, and running a more efficient, customer oriented business, we are able to provide the very best prices for precious metal products.


If I take physical possession, when will my gold be delivered?
AGM will ship your precious metals in 4 to 7 business days which is a fraction of the time other companies require. The package will be shipped by insured courier and will have to be signed for on delivery. You may also arrange in advance for someone else to sign for it on your behalf.

How can I be sure I am receiving real gold?
Your gold coins will be certified by one of the two industry leading certification companies, either PCGS or NGC.  Each coin is first verified for authenticity and then sealed in a tamper-proof Lucite slab or container by one of these two companies. The container or slab is then stamped and bar-coded for future verification purposes. This allows you to establish ownership and liquidate your gold quickly, anywhere in the world.


How long should I hold my gold?
In our current economic climate, American Gold Metals recommends that you should be prepared to hold on to your gold for at least 3 to 5 years; preferably 5-10 years for the best growth potential. However, you may choose to liquidate sooner if it becomes necessary.


How do I know when it’s the right time to liquidate?
As a client of AGM (American Gold Metals), you will be receiving monthly portfolio analysis and updates by email and/or phone. This will allow you to be aware of market trends and be proactive in maximizing you gold investment. If circumstances warrant liquidation, we will let you know.

How much will it cost me to liquidate?
American Gold Metals charges no commission to liquidate precious metals that was acquired from us. Your gold/silver will be liquidated based on the market value of the metal at the time of liquidation.
How does American Gold Metals make money?
Our profit margin is the difference between wholesale price that we paid for the precious metal (buying it in volume) and the current market retail value of the metals at the time of the transaction.


Is the price of gold too high to buy now?
No! According to our research and the vast majority of experts, gold is likely to go much, much higher. The global economic crisis, a shaky and unstable market and an ever increasing National Debt are just a few reasons why many are calling for gold to go well above $2000 within the next 18 to 24 months. We are also projecting silver to continue its’ very strong growth.


How much gold should I get?
This is a personal decision that only you can make based on your research and assessment of the state of the global economy. We, like most experts, suggest that somewhere between 5% and 20% of your holdings to hedge yourself against what is likely to come.  Once you speak with one of our precious metals’ specialists, we will assess your circumstances and help you make the best determination.

Can I put precious metals in my IRA?
Yes you can! The Federal Government allows certain types of metals to be placed in a retirement account instead of or in addition to paper assets (stocks, bonds, CD’s etc). Simply contact an AGM gold specialist and request the IRA documents. The specialist will assist you in completing the paperwork and answer questions you may have. 


How much privacy do I have and who knows I own gold?
One of the major benefits of owning PRE-33 gold (physical possession only), is that it is a completely private transaction. We do not need your social security number and we do not report any information regarding your transaction to any Federal Agency.